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Axis Domain

Supreme Command: WWII

Global-strategy level boardgame of World War II. (This game is currently under construction.)

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Upcoming Projects :

New Mapview modules for PBEM games:

New modified Axis and Allies module with updated map and unit icons!!!... (Summer 2004)... Second Edition, Europe, Pacific modules will all be made available.

World at War module!!! (coming soon)...

World War II: Supreme Command (Winter 2004)

Axis & Allies Revised Mapview module (Now Available!!!) AA_Revised_Beta.udm

Fortress America Mapview module (Now Available) Fortress_America.udm

Check out the new updated Motcreations Website.






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Advanced Axis & Allies Europe

Based on the Axis & Allies Europe game by Avalon Hill. This game has a modified map which adds additional territories and cities.

A new version 2.0 has just been released and beta-testing will begin soon.

Click here to download files.

Battle of the Bulge

Original new game currently under development