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World at War Beta 2.udm

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Advanced Axis & Allies Europe:
All game files are in the process of being updated. When everything is finalized new links will be posted.

New updates will include Italy as a separate player and updated Southern Africa sea zones.  

The following files are general house rules variants and as such have not had extensive playtesting. They are intended as a reference point to be used as is or to be built upon and altered to fit individual playing preferences. All advanced rules are as a supplement to the original rules supplied by Avalon Hill. It is intended that you already own the original Axis & Allies Europe game to use these modified maps and rules.

Files updated on 12/08/2003

Mapview Module: Advanced AAE.udm

Rules: Advanced AAE Rules version 2.2

Setup: Advanced AAE setup sheet 2.2


Complete zip file with map, rules, and setup: Advanced_AAE.zip

Map: Low resolution jpeg file (273 K)

Hi resolution bmp file (3.08 M)



Helpful instructions


To use the custom Mapview modules you must save them to your c:\program files\Motcreations\Mapview\usermods directory.









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